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Remote packages for your classroom

Posted by Aidan Rafferty

Welcome teachers

As we emerge into a completely changed landscape for education, unfortunately, we are unable to visit your school, so we are in the process of trying to re-imagine how we can run the workshop remotely. We hope that this will be only a temporary solution - we believe that working with the students directly is the best approach.

However, delivering the workshop remotely means we can reach out to many more schools than before, and the overall cost to your school is reduced. Even though we can't visit your school, with remote technology we can still run the project in your classroom.

Our mission remains - a rewarding and meaningful experience commemorating your local heroes – each student creating a unique digital archive. We will provide full classroom set-up, lesson planning, step-by-step guidance and our team are ready to provide support at all stages of the project. Our step-by-step guidance ensures project delivery and a rewarding experience for your students.

Re-imagining the workshops, and re-planning delivery may take us a little longer than we would have liked, but we think it is important to make sure we have all the step-by-step guidance and research resources ready to go. I know that you are all eager to get planned and set-up for the year ahead, so if you are interested in running the workshop in your school please email

Many thanks and chat soon.
Aidan Rafferty