Lawrence Mooney
by lukaszkiraga
Nov 25, 2020

Lawrence Mooney was a 19 year old soldier who was in the Royal Dublin Fusiliers regiment and fought in Belgium and the UK. He was 19 when he died and his parents are from Dublin. He was buried the Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial in Belgium with the grave reference Panel 44 and 46.

Family background & Early life

Lawrence Mooney was born 1896 but his exact date is unknown.

Lawrence was born in the United Kingdom.


He grew up in a house in Stepaside, Sandyford, Co, Dublin.

Lawrence had 2 parents. Mr. Mooney and Mrs. Mooney.


Lawrence was a catholic.

Adult life

Lawrence didn't have a job, he fought in the war instead.

He didn't work because he fought in the war.

Lawrence lived in Stepaside, Sandyford Dublin.

No he did not.

No he didn't have any children.

Military Experience


Lawrence joined in Ireland.

Royal Dublin Fusiliers.


In march 1915.

It's unknown.