Edward Clement Oreilly
by Adam F
Nov 18, 2020

Family background & Early life

Edward Clement OReilly was born in 19/5/1899. He grew up on 4 Dublin Rd. Stillorgan, Dublin, Ireland. He was an only child that lived with his mum and dad. His dad worked as a factory worker and provided for the whole family because Edward was too young to work and Edward's mother had to take care of Edward. They all lived in a terraced flat. His mother's name was Alice and his father's name was Michael. He didn't attend school instead he was home schooled.  He grew up in a very religious household and he was a Roman Catholic.

Adult life

His first job was a Postman at An Post. He was happy as he was finally able to provide for his family and that his father wasn't the only one earning for the family. He did not have enough money and he stayed with his family at 4 Dublin Road Stillorgan Blackrock Dublin until he enlisted. There is no record of marriage.

Military Experience

He decided to finally join the army and enlisted in February 1914. He enlisted at Collins Barracks and was assigned to the Royal Irish Rifles. He was then sent to train at the Curragh Camp in Co. Kildare. here he was trained to be a sharpshooter but he was also conditioned for cruel conditions. He was put through what seemed like torture. He was left out in freezing cold weather overnight to become accustomed to cruel conditions and to put his survival skills into action. Once he was finished training he was sen to the battlefield and arrived in Aden in 1914. He did was heroic in his efforts in the war but unfortunenately lost his life during the Battle of The Somme. I can't even find a record of where he is buried.