John Loughlin
by Sean Thornton
Nov 18, 2020

Family background & Early life

John Loughlin was born in 1873 somewhere in Wicklow. He was born to his mother, Elizabeth Sullivan, and his father, William Loughlin, who worked as a sailor. He was the eldest of eight children in the family. He had a brother called William, and sisters called Kathleen, Annamaria, Mary, and Elizabeth. He had other siblings, but their names are unknown. John lived with his siblings and parents in the Rathdown registration disrict, in a house called the "Seaview House" but it is not known where exactly that was. John was raised as a Roman Catholic, as well as his brothers and sisters and his parents.

Adult life

John worked as a Sailor for a merchant service as an adult. He worked on a boat deemed the R.M.S Ulster from the year 1903. John Loughlin married Mary Kinsella, a spinster, of 3, Kelly's Avenue, Kingstown, daughter of James Kinsella (deceased). They were married on 18 June 1893, at St. Michael's Church, Kingstown. John then lived at 7 Ryan's Court off Mulgrave Street in Kingstown. John and Mary together had six children, as shown in the 1911 census. Their sons were called Michael and John, and their daughters were called Elizabetta, Mary, Teresa Mary and Bridget Catherine. John was noted as working for Irish Lights, who managed the Lighthouses, around the Irish Coast.

Military Experience

John Loughlin was working as a Seaman on the RMS Leinster, though it is not clear when he started working on the mailboats. His regiment was the Mercantile Marines. On the 10th October 1918, The RMS Leinster was attacked by torpedoes shortly before 10am. It was travelling from Kingstown, Dublin to Holyhead, Anglesey, North Wales

This is a picture of John Loughlin. 

This is a picture of the crew on the RMS Leinster.

This is a picture of the RMS Leinster.