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We are delighted to welcome Students & Teachers as regular visitors to myadoptedsoldier.com.

Our archives have been researched, designed, complied and published by students across Ireland - assisted and guided by their History Teachers in the process of creating a unique and meaningful archive. These archives are fascinating insights into World War 1 and into the personal stories of often forgotten soldiers. Each student also outlines his / her own story in the process of creating the archive - and as such, becomes the curator of his / her archive - the students story represents the voice of today, - many of the soldiers that are remembered were of a similar age to the students.

In turn these archives are now being used as educational resources for a much larger audience of Students and Teachers. Our archives and stories have already been viewed over 80,000 times.

We are also delighted to welcome our friends from Liebigschule in Frankfurt for our 2017 Project and trip. For the first time we will have students from across Europe creating archives and stories of soldiers from both sides of the conflict. Read more about the 2017 project on our blog | Read more...


We are currently developing and extending our framework to provide a cloud based platform open to all schools and educators.
This will give schools & teachers a chance to "Adopt" a soldier - and to create a certified and public archive. Teachers will be able to add their students to the system - providing a unique learning platform. The teacher's input will ensure that the archive content is of a certified quality - and teacher will be able to award each student a certificate of competency when the students archive is ready for publishing.

We are very excited about this development, and teachers if you are interested in becoming an early-adopter of this technology for your school - we would love to hear from you. Watch out for us at up-coming conferences and events - where we will be offering teachers a chance to get signed-up to the platform.
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Thank you for your interest - and we look forward to meeting you soon.

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